We Provide Fast, Friendly, Professional and Courteous Service!

All-American Septic Service pumps septic tanks and provides other septic system services in Berks, Chester and Montgomery Counties in southeastern Pennsylvania. We are licensed and fully insured, and our prompt, courteous and professional staff tackles every job with a commitment to make customer satisfaction our number one priority.

We pump septic tanks, repair septic systems, pressure jet clean septic drain fields, install septic tank risers to raise the access lid above ground level, troubleshoot any septic system problems to determine causes, and basically provide every kind of service for your septic system.
Our company provides septic services in Berks County, Montgomery County and Chester County in southeastern Pennsylvania, including the communities of:
  • Amity Township
  • Bally
  • Bechtelsville
  • Birdsboro
  • Boyertown
  • Chester Springs
  • Douglassville
  • Earl Township
  • East Coventry
  • Elverson
  • Exeter Township
  • Fleetwood
  • Gilbertsville
  • Lower Pottsgrove
  • Mohnton
  • Morgantown
  • North Coventry
  • Oley
  • Perkiomenville
  • Pottstown
  • Reading
  • Sanatoga
  • South Coventry
  • St. Peters
  • Upper Pottsgrove
  • Warwick
  • West Pottsgrove

Our Motto At All-American Septic Service

All-American President Steve Chieffo says, "We provide thorough, high-quality septic pumping with first-rate customer service. I'll provide the same septic system service for you and your family as I do for my own family and friends."

We Do More Than Just Pump: We Educate, Inspect And More!

Septic tank pumping in Berks County, Chester County and Montgomery County by All American Septic Service, using clean and modern trucks!

You've probably seen our white pumper trucks with our American flag logo in Berks, Chester and Montgomery Counties - we're so patriotic and proud to be Americans that we show our patriotism in the name we chose for our company: All-American Septic Service!

All-American offers more than just pumping out your septic tank(s). We take the time to educate our customers on how their septic system and septic tank work, and what maintenance is required to maximize life expectancy and keep their system operating at peak effiency. We also do a general inspection of the entire system to identify current or potential problems - we are definitely NOT a "pump and run" septic service company.

So-called "pump and run" companies don't care about customer service - they rush in and rush out, and their customers don't even know for sure that their septic tank has been completely pumped. "Pump and run" companies don't take the time to answer a customer's questions, and most do not have the expertise to even notice potential problems with the septic system.

All-American customers are encouraged to watch during pumping so that we can explain each step of the process and answer any questions. As we said, we don't just "pump and run" like some companies do; we also inspect and evaluate the system.

Maintaining A Septic System Means Regular Septic Tank Pumping

Septic systems are a major investment and must be taken very seriously - but with most people, the system is "out of sight" so it's also "out of mind." We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and with a thorough inspection, problems can be often be caught while they are still relatively minor and more easily repairable. If left untreated, small problems will probably only get worse with time, and it's never a good idea to wait until a small problem has grown into a situation which requires expensive major repairs.

Maintaining your septic system is like changing the oil in your car - if you don't change the oil regularly, eventually it will lead to costly problems and premature failure. Not maintaining your system and going with the mindset "I don't need my tank cleaned, it's working fine" is a very bad idea. Typically with a septic system, by the time a problem has surfaced, the damage has already been done, and maintenance and additives may not resolve the problem. This can lead to costly repairs, or even a new system.

Remember, you cannot sell your house with a failed septic system, so a word to the wise is "maintain it or you'll have to replace it."

All-American Septic Service Offers The Following Services:

  • Septic Tank And Sewage Tank Pumping
  • Operation And Maintenance of Septic Systems
  • PSMA On-Lot Wastewater Inspections
    The PSMA is the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association, and "Wastewater" refers to septic systems.
  • Excavation
  • Installation Of Access Risers To Raise Lid To Surface
  • Septic System Repairs - Pumps, Baffles, Line Replacement, etc.
  • Pipe Camera Services
  • Line Jetting And Cabling
  • Convenient Scheduled Reminder Calls
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